Monday, April 29, 2013

The Problem With Tapao Food

Hey Monday how is everybody?
Monday: "Everybody hates me."
Me: "Good."

Hey everybody how is Monday?

In Malaysia (I don't know about Singapore I've only been there like 3 times), we use the term 'tapao' which means pack lunch to go. So, at times I get too much work to do at home that I have no time to head out to have lunch and I would have to rely on my bros to help me pack lunch, hence 'tapao'.

Entrusting the bros with any kind of responsibility usually doesn't yield much positive results.

Here is an example.

Next time I'll go out with them and save all the trouble.
No wonder people always ask me why I eat instant noodles so much.

Any of your housemates have done this to you before?

Have a great week ahead!


  1. last 3 frame - ernest in lazy mode

  2. Best friend will always forget to tapao lol~

  3. same happen to me last week.. LOL

  4. all the time......that's why i must SMS them or they'll forget.....

  5. Daryl only knows how to smile and burp! xD hahahaha

  6. my sister/brother. which Usually ended up with them going out back to get me my food, or I'll whip up something fast that I can get from my home. I rarely eat instant noodle..

  7. sometimes, because usually i am the one who out to buy lunch and dinner.

  8. This comic leads me to your pages. Damn love it at first click.
    I guess this stuff will be my cure every afternoon after off from work LOL HAHA! Best.


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