Monday, May 13, 2013

Thank You Everybody

Hey Monday!


In today's post, I would like to take this rare opportunity to thank everyone who has shown immense support for my silly little comic series, even if you are just new or have been with me for the past couple of years.

Why am I only doing this now? Well, it is because that everyone here helped me reach my target of achieving 6000 followers on my Facebook page way before my predicted date. I actually only expected to reach this figure at the end of the year and even then I had thought it was impossible target. It was one of my new year's resolution this year (despite having more time for video games) to reach this target and every single one of you made this happen and I am deeply touched (in a non Michael Jackson way) by this generousness.

Thanks to this one random comic I decided to upload one day (thanks to Utusan Malaysia and the inspiration from this guy) and the series has gained quite a serious virality level compared to my usual standards. A lot of encouraging messages and emails (and a couple of death threats or so) have really been a real fuel for me to inspired and motivated enough to keep churning out content for you guys.

I decided to share the joy of this great news with my bros.

Bros will be bros.
Nontheless, my bros are still an awesome happy-go-lucky bunch.

Thank you so much for showing such great support and laughing at my jokes which I sometimes find hard to laugh to and I have no idea why.

Stay awesome and have a great week ahead!


Remember that one time I was sharing some videos on some strange happenings in Stuttgart? Finally it is revealed what it is all about!

About time this mystery is solved!

This reveals the epic partnership between PETRONAS and AMG!

And I can finally sleep in peace now.

Vroom! Vroom!


  1. I have to admit that daryl is a lot more interesting there XD

  2. have a really nice cartoon blog..later I will insert your banner in my blog..:D

  3. Anyone with an open mind will always find your work very entertaining and fun...
    ...anyone who has an uptight closed mind, well, you know how they are lah...

  4. Keep it going, bros :D Have always loved your comics ♥

  5. well, i too "discovered" your comic in response to the front page headlines of Utusan Malaysia publication.

    i salute u & well done.

    cheers & regards

  6. that's hentai kamen actually, not bane

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! Huge fan of your comics bro! Keep drawing! :D

    p.s: Pleaseeeee tell me Daryl was using his OWN underwear for that impression of Bane -.-

  8. XD Japan should have recruited Daryl to act in the live action Hentai Kamen wei, he seems naturally happy to put the underwear on as a mask! XD

    And keep going Bros! Go! Go! GO! XD

  9. you are very much welcome ernest. :) keep doing what you love.

  10. cool video there. heheh... congrats bro!


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