Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Why Guys Space Out

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesdays! What is up?

"Petrol price is up."

Anyway I wanted to do a full length comic on the topic of petrol but then I ran out of time to think of an idea. So I'll be covering a different topic anyways. In another week or two or so everyone is going to eventually accept the new petrol prices anyway just like how people flip out each time the Zuckerberg decides to change to layout of Facebook.

A friend asked me, what do guys think about when they space out? Even though every single comedian has already said guys can think of absolutely nothing when their eyes just stare into space, our female friends still find that hard to understand. They still will harass with the "you have to be thinking of something" crap then question you why do guys space out anyways.

So today I shall alleviate that once and for all on why guys space out.

Two words: Zen mode.

Alone time will adjourn to either the toilet or to his own personal space in his bedroom.
This is the best answer I can think of. And it doesn't make sense.


I guess I did nothing to help answer that question.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. So, you mean you do that too? hahah

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Actually, it answered the question pretty much perfectly. HAHAHAHA

    1. really? i guess i just ruined it for all the guys out there

  4. Yeap... he is in deep thoughts.

    very deep.

  5. Only a man can dream...if you get what I mean.

  6. Oh my. The first panel looks kinky. Where's Mocha..?
    And look what Daryl is doing. Looks wrong bro.

  7. Poor Mocha is lost while Daryl is in "deep" thought.

    xx Mandy

  8. Daryl is so deep in his thinking that his nose is bleeding. Quick, get him a tissue.

  9. actually i think a lot of peeps who comment miss the point. it is not abt day dreaming or reading porn diam diam but men do space out looking at nothing, thinking of nothing and just hav blank moments.

    there is no thought, no emotion, nothing in general. but we are awake and can respond if someone reaches out to us (usually by shouting or skin contact). it happens a lot when i was a student but not so much nowadays. in fact i doubt i have any space out moment for about a year.

  10. correct me if im wrong..but..your comic is a day late...right?? hahahahahaha...

  11. Previously the comics updated every Monday and Thursday..now its getting late than before. Perhaps the bros doing something to Ernest? Who knows what kind of nightmare he have created.


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