Monday, January 13, 2014

Bro Watch Movies: The Hobbit

Hey Monday! Time to down a shot of blues!

Sorry for the late posting this late morning. By the time I press the 'publish' button it would be already be noon. Anyhow here is today's comic post about a recent movie we watched.

So right at the end of last year, the new Hobbit movie came out. Got pretty excited and I actually watched it a few times on screen because I think it was pretty good and I do not have a life. No worries as this is not a review post of that movie and there won't be any spoilers because you know that I have poor standards for movies.

I grabbed Daryl to watch it with me and the action sorta started even before we got into the screening halls.

What an asshole.
But it's not fair calling him that though. He saw the opportunity and took it. I was conveniently right there on the receiving end.

Well played, Daryl. Well played.

Have a great week ahead.


  1. i LOLsss!!! the cashier got a good sense of humour too :D


    (But maybe I shouldn't laugh so much, cos I'm kinda like a Hobbit too :p Anyway, laughing at YOU now wakakaka)

  3. HAHA kinda funny but I'm more than a hobbit so... .__.

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  5. but...but....but....those 2 tickets for you guys...
    He. should say..."we are not Hobbit"lol


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