Monday, February 24, 2014

Ever Left Your Phone Alone?

Hey happy Mondays everyone!

No I lied. Mondays are the equivalent of dropping your sandwich on the sandy ground even though you lined up for hours to get it.

Today's Monday is a little bluer than usual for me. Let's just say I haven't been able to get enough sleep for the past couple of days as I am currently struggling with some conflict between emotions and logic.

Strange isn't it how one bad thing can ruin an entire good thing altogether. I guess it's true when someone once told me that no one actually remembers the good you do but f*ck up once and the entire world goes to shit for you. If only there's a second chance.

"Right. Back to business."

Here's a comic!

Ever had this sort of thing happened to you?

That moment when it felt like nobody loves you.
Expectation VS Reality.

We all had that sort of level of disappointment at least once in our lives.

Me? I've had a few.

Have a great week ahead.

Sorry for the brooding tone of my post today. I'm not feeling so good. Just bear with me. Thanks.


  1. Feel better bruh! It will pass :)

  2. well thats a peaceful day for me if there is no phone calls hahaha.....
    your comic just made my day.... thanks dude

  3. Ahaha, I totally get it >.< haha~
    Anyway, cheer up Ernest! :D

  4. i can leave my phone for 10 days and come home with 0 missed call or message.... GOD... i'm so lonely~~ TT__TT

  5. "Come on, not even 1 usually annoying advertising text message from the service provider?"

  6. It's usually the other way round for me. I have my phone with me and can have it not ringing at all and no smses. But on the day I forgot it, loads of missed calls and smses >_<

  7. Maybe this song "Pharrell Williams - Happy" can ease your mood a bit, maybe. Stay positive bro!

  8. Wow Ernest so many "lenglui" commenting, cheer up bro!

  9. Sulk and be sad all you want bro, there is no such thing as a man can't cry but be the man to come back and say i have cried enough and lets get some shit done. Emotions build inside sucks. let it all out and go back out and hit the world back.


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