Thursday, November 27, 2014

Whose Road Is It Anyway?

Hey everyone! Happy Thursdays!

Yes! Another new comic for the third day in a row! Why?

Sebab saya masih gila.

Don't get to used to it though. Next week might not have comic so I'm just doing this now to appease everyone in advance.

Also that my country loves giving me new materials for jokes. I love you Malaysia. You are one funny guy!

So I did mention that the names of major roads in Malaysia had been changed recently and I finally realised that this could be the most legit reason.

As per my tweet from yesterday:

"I think the main reason they change the name of the roads is so that when someone says, "YOU THINK YOUR FATHER'S ROAD AH?" they can say "ya""

Seems legit.

So don't simply cuss out at bad drivers. It could very well be their father's road.

Have a great weekend ahead!


  1. My exact same thoughts when they changed the roads to Jalan *insert name here*

  2. The new road names got my grandad and my dad name. Now I can respond exactly like that guy! *evil laugh*

  3. Ya Lar as the response would have been better and more realistic xD

  4. I don't always change the road names, but when I do it will be my father's name. xD


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