Thursday, January 15, 2015

It's 2015 Already?

Hey everyone!

Wow. This is freaking late but this is actually my first post for this new year and January is already halfway gone.

I know I have been lacking in posting new comics or videos recently due to my busy schedule and the lack of internet at my new place. (Facebook and Instagram still gets updated regularly though so why haven't you followed me there yet??) However, the good news is that I finally have internet in my new place! Woohoo! Time to watch all the por get back to doing comics and making vlogs!

So recently I was on an East Malaysian Book Signing Tour where I visited both Kuching and Kota Kinabalu to do some meet and greet and to those who came, you guys are the awesomest bunch ever! I know I say awesome a lot and it is not even my favourite word.

My favourite word is 'chicken'.

Back to the book signing story, here's what happened. This is a true story.

2015. You came too fast. 
I really started 2015 with a bang. I'm sorry if I wrote 2014 in your books. No refunds though.

Fortunately I realised my mistake halfway through and I wrote 2015 after that. To those who got 2014, just imagine I came in a time machine.

2014 went by quite quickly for me as there were many things happening. Just like that I published my second book and suddenly it is 2015 already. I usually go into the new year with a certain amount of apprehensiveness but this time I am pretty excited for the year ahead. Hopefully there will be more new things coming from me and I hope you guys will be patient with me as I try my best to work them out!

Let's go 2015!
Happy 2015 everyone. Have a great year ahead!


  1. Did the same thing during school days, even right now sometimes I forgot that the year had changed~ xD

  2. Even though it is late already, but still... happy new year...

  3. Just checked my book that you signed on it and you wrote 2015! Yay! :D

  4. no wonder during pyramid session got ppl remaind u "2015 arrrr" hahahahahha.

  5. too..keep writing 2014 instead...anyway the Happy 2015 cartoon looks so cool...ada BoyBand style..haha


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