Monday, November 28, 2016

Asking Parents For Permission

Hey everyone! Happy Monday!

So I just got back from a Meet and Greet and Book Signing event in Penang yesterday and if you didn't hear about it maybe it's time for you to follow me on my Facebook page. Just slotting this in here in an attempt to gain more likes so I hope you don't mind.

Anyway, today I have another comic about my parents because I am not sure why I cannot stop talking about them.

As a kid, if I wanted to do anything I would have to ask my parents for permission. Needless to say, my life as a kid, things were pretty ambiguous.

Here is why.

Who do I really have to ask really...
I would then go to my mum and ask who will tell me to go back to my dad and ask and this endless self defeating cycle happens until one of my parents get mad at me and I get grounded.

This is just an infinite loop which is neither yes or no where parents every time will successfully absolve themselves from their decision making responsibilities.

This is why eventually, I never ask them for permission when I want to do things. This could explain why I spend a lot of time at home. #groundedforlife

Have a great week ahead!

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  1. This ALWAYS happens to me and is STILL happening


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