Monday, November 29, 2010

Can Die Bugger!

This is actually the FIRST ever comic i made of this series but it never made through to be published earlier. Perhaps I think people might find it too offensive or just simply too crude but screw that! I just need to let the world know of Daryl's fetish! And I do also hope you dont get bored of Daryl. He is still my most favorite character to draw:)

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The image of the girl in pink is a result of Google Image Search so if you are wondering, it NO, i DO NOT know who she is! I hope she doesnt suddenly stumble upon this comic though or she's gonna sue my ass off.

I know I am damn "potong stim" sometimes.

Daryl. Dont deny. You love that girl in pink. Her tetek, i tell you, CAN DIE BUGGER!


  1. LOL!!! Really can die bugger!!!

  2. What literally can DIE lar! xD

  3. @liz: LOL! memang can! imagine that smashing daryl's head!

  4. LOL..what a stupid comics and stupid cartoonist

  5. This is the first time I saw Daryl cursed. He didn't curse in the book, with the exception of words like "boobs", "dicks", "ass".


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