Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pengotor: Facebook special

Hey guys! I don't know if I should consider this a double comic week as today's "strip" isn't much of a comic but more like the extended version of the Facebook status Shamus uploaded in the previous episode but oh hey, what the eff: IT'S DOUBLE COMIC WEEK AGAIN!

Read PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, PART 4, PART 5, PART 5.5, PART 6, PART 6.5, PART 7 here to understand what is going on! You know, just in case it's your first time here.

In approx. 20 minutes.
Sadly, what you just saw is just a recreation of what transpired over the social network and this is not the exact screen capture of the comment thread on Shamus's wall as Shamus was kind enough to delete it just after Jon did a mega-punch to his shoulder. This is as close as I could remember on the thread which only lasted approximately 20 minutes. Even so, the damage is done and the whole incident is now recorded in my comic blog. 

Just in case you guys are wondering, it actually took me months to have Jon's approval to let the world know about this incident and super thanks to Jon for being such a sport! Well, you are famous now.... I guess...

Some cameo once again by some friends of the bros! Cheng Kim, Bee San, Dr. Khiang, Jasmine and Damien (again) congrats on being a cartoon character in my comic series! To others who might have commented on that very day but I don't remember hence you did not have a cameo here, I apologise profusely! 

Have a great weekend guys! 

Continued in PART 8



  2. haha i dont think he will let me la XD later habis his image

  3. jon respect you la

  4. 0.o lol daryl still dont know bout that wall?? gosh!

  5. Did Daryl really asked that?

    @Utar Boy: If you are creative enough, you can find each bro's pic somewhere... lol... I know 2 of the bro's face clearly, but the other 3 can't really see their face.... lalala

    -_-" Ok, now I sound like a stalker. I just creep-ed myself out.

  6. @khiang: haha khiang i know u like people who shit their pants!
    @rie: lol well at that time he didnt know and didnt piece things together yet.
    @sumbuddy: lol u have to ask daryl that. wah! so whose 3 faces can you see clearly? yeah now u sound like a stalker. did u try adding the bros on FB as well? XD lol

  7. @Ernest
    2 bros that I can see their face are you (the fox plushie is cute) and Jamus (nice hair braid). Jon's face can be seen but too small to make out the detail. Daryl's is too far and take picture with a few other people so the profile pic don't give much clue. Shamus never had a picture that show his face, either it's covered or it is not in the picture at all. :p Am I creeping you out? lol....
    I didn't add cuz I don't think it is appropriate (sape lah aku ni, just some boring sumbuddy, not like some famous comic writer :p). We're strangers to each other anyway? (Though if you say otherwise I would be very happy :) hahahaha) But if you add me, I will make a special 'friend's list' just for you 5 bros in the honour of your great comic. ;P

    Damn... Now I sound like a crazy obsessed fan...

  8. I just realized that you put up their full name there in this comic... duh.... except you adjusted Jamus' and Shamus' name a bit.
    -_-" Adoi... malunya... Now I look like moron.

    But, really, I found them before I see this comic!

    I have just turned from being a stalker to a crazy obsessed fan and finally a moron.... ok, time to shut up. So much for trying to be a smartass.... *go drowning myself in bathtub*

  9. haha ok u are creepy lol jk :P thanks i got the fox plushie for her and jamus no longer has that hair braid as it only lasted a week or so. jon, shamus and daryl just want to hide their identity i guess. maybe due to the fact that i embarrassed them too much already.
    im not a famous comic writer la. im more like a wannabe i think. yeah i guess we're strangers but its always nice to know my readers:) trust me its nice to have such great fans! you definitely are one of my strong supporters and i'm glad you stumbled on this crappy site. (how did that happen anyway?)
    maybe one day if the chance comes by you will get the chance to meet all 5 of us:) then its guaranteed all of us would add you on FB ;) really glad to have a reader like u! greatest thanks!

  10. haha yeah! that many! that fast!


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