Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pengotor: Conclusion?

Happy Monday everybody! Wow the week goes by so fast I did not even realise it! (wait......... what? It's Thursday? How has the week gone by so slow without me knowing it??!! Holy shit it is!)

Hey happy Thursday everyone! It's double comic week again! Look like we have been getting double comic week for almost every week these days so hope you guys please don't get used to it enjoy them while it lasts! :D

So I guess today is the last episode of the Pengotor series as Jon has told me to cut the shit already because its getting harder to socialize normally without people asking him if he did really shat his pants. (Also, I can hear some of  saying "Thank God! 'Bout time! I've had enough of this shit already!") Before I ramble on any further, here it is.

First time here? Read these parts first!


I now live in fear whenever Jon rides in my car.
I may have cockblocked Jon for the rest of his life. Sorry bro!
The end? Perhaps not as we all know that Jon now will never hear the end of this fated incident. Biggest thanks to him for being such a sport and allowing this particular story to be posted up. Give him a hand guys!

So I guess its a gonna be a different story next week! Which bro will be the next target?

Enjoy your weekend folks and I'll see you guys again on Monday!



  1. "Biggest thanks to him for being such a sport and allowing this particular story to be posted up."
    Because the damage done before cannot be undone anymore. He gave up already. LOL! jk :p

    Jon, you are sooooooooo cool. My vote 'most favourite bro' for you was not wasted.

    How did it actually ended? Did he do it again? :curious:

  2. wow sumbuddy you are like the speedy gonzalez of commenters on my comic blog today!

    hahaha "Because the damage done before cannot be undone anymore. He gave up already." this quote is epic!

    well i dont really think it ended as now we still mention this incident to jon whenever we wanted a good laugh. he is cool enough to laugh along.

    did he do it a again? well that you might have to ask him OR keep reading and find out! XD

  3. Hahhahaha finally the conclusion of pengotor series :P

    Ernest ar, mia cai bai goh wa ki lu eh chu pang sai eh sai boh? HAHAHHA

  4. @adel: hahaha wah kong hokkien ueh di chit tau ah? buay pai! eh sai! lu ai lai kat tan lu zha zha kah tien ueh hoh wah! ai remember chik kah cheng bersih bersih ok?

  5. aiyoooo i miss the days when we would skype in hokkien

  6. lol one of my friend does too :D always asking XD

  7. @ernest: I told ya i'd follow this comic like a devout worshiper... later create cult based on your comic... lol
    cannot ask him directly, later he feels harassed and no longer allow you to make comic about him. I guess that leaves us to fervently waiting for the continuation. c(:
    That makes this strip the finale of Pengotor Season 1, and the revelation will be in Pengotor Season 2 intro. dundundun....

  8. @anglia: sadly those days are over :( lolz
    @rascat: haha ur fren always ask u if he/she can poop in ur house????
    @sumbuddy: create a cult based on my comic??? lol please do! haha... he wont feel harassed unless u ask him everyday like an attention deficient marsupial. ask once cukup. he might answer maybe lol. pengotor season two??? now thats interesting but i think i should avoid shit jokes for a bit first XD

  9. ernest, i think u shd ask jon 2 wear diaper whnever he ride ur car.. den u less wori la.. hahaha..

  10. @sarah: haha one problem--> he dont want to wear diapers! hahaha
    @mme tshiamo: lol why?

  11. @ernest: and so the 5 bros have been deified into the pantheon of gods for the the cult of The Bros.
    Daryl, the God of Chaos for the randomness of his behaviour. Also God of Curiosity for always wanting to know how your thing looks like.
    Jon, the God of Accident for some apocryphal stories. Also, the only god that have wings.
    Shamus, the God of Celebrations for his playfulness and party going personality. and God of Ice for the chill personality. His followers are often heard shouting 'So damn awesome' in high pitch.
    Jamus, the God of Food for the sustenance he provide to other gods. Anecdotal evidence suggests that Jamus is the scariest god all. The two combined made Jamus famously known as God of Fire. Despite being the contrast of each other, Shamus and Jamus are godbrothers.
    And finally Ernest, the God of Scribe for he immortalized all of the gods including himself in a weekly revelation. His followers are said to be sarcastic and cynical, and also makes up the majority of The Bros cultists. :p LOL...

  12. wow! that is an epic long description lol!!!!!
    how many members in this cult may i ask? haha

  13. @ernest: I dunno, but count me in, especially as your follower :p. maybe it's over 9000!!! lol!

    p/s: I'm going to a cc after this, because I can't see your next comic and pengotor 6.5 (damn, i'm not yet an obsessed fanatic since I don't feel guilty not reading it yet, lol). I have no internet at home, and I read it in the office. I guess that will be my only solution.

  14. lol.. enjoyed your pengotor series :P

  15. thanks ken! lets hope jon shits his pants once again then there will be a second series of it>:)

  16. Ahaha, APPLAUSE to Jon for being such a sport! Really! And he's given you NINE parts for this story series! Hebat! :D

  17. @liz: yeah 9 whole parts! the largest series so far! big clap to him really! you have no idea how long it took me to convince him to allow me to post this story!

  18. Omg, this is series is so funny. Love yr work!

  19. choose ...he fart n u let down the tingkap kereta.... or he fart and he lock all tingkap!?

  20. Finally finish the whole series!


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