Thursday, November 10, 2011

Toilet Cockroach

This is yet another scheduled posting

If you are reading this right now, I am most probably somewhere slightly down south right now for yet another trip (not nearly south enough to be in hell even though many people think I deserve that) so I won't be able to respond to your comments or emails for a few days. So please don't be offended or terkilan that when you do not get a reply from me. I just happen to be away a lot these days.

Okay that aside, recently there was a terror in the house and it seems to be above its evolutionary standards. Its faster, smarter and more dangerous than any of us expected.

Read on to find out what it is.

Seriously, HOW?
Okay, I'm actually not terrified of cockroaches seriously. I just don't like having to deal with them in small enclosed spaces.

They move too fast sometimes and the speed they exhibit is abnormally demonic.

And they survived since the dinosaur ages.

That just proves that sometimes God just wanna f*** with us.

Have a great weekend guys! I will be back on Monday!


  1. terkilan?
    haha, I like that
    nway, I despise cockroach esp in the toilet

  2. cockraches are damn ninjas i tell you!! the was once i look away for a sec to smash it and the nest moment it flew to my sleeping roommate's crotch area briefly and flew by his face awhile before flying out...i didn't tell him about it..

  3. hahahaha.. "you more pro ma! faster la!" it works all the time! well, that's pretty much exaggerated.. it works most of the time! =P

  4. spray febreeze or soap water on them...they'll die instantly but painfully
    (okay was lying on painful part)

  5. wahh~~ I encountered one yesterday night loh it was crawling very high up the sliding door. Don't dare to slam it takut it can fly.. I don't like cockroaches T___T

  6. I wanna know what happen after that.. Dun leave us hanging there..

  7. Pro is a word of temptation.. ^_^.v.. But I never care for cockroach.. leave em,and they'll pass by.. Work each time.. Unless it crawl on me,then,fuckin smash in on the way.. ^_^.v..

  8. I never smash them. I hate when all of it's inside come out and those white-ish liquid from their body spread all over. Plus, after smashed, it's damn smelly!

    So, for me n my sis, ridsect is always nearby. hahaha~

    p/s: hate it the most when they fly!

  9. prefer super boiling hot water because less mess but only usable if it's on the toilet wall/floor
    ridsect if it's on the celling or out the the toilet.

  10. KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only will hate it if it fly close to me. Other than that, i can't be bothered. So lazy... zzzzz....


    I hate hate hate hate HATE cockroaches! GOSH, they're just one of life's mysteries--why do they exist? >.< UGH. I hate them especially much when they FLY. Oh gosh, I'll scream my head off!

    1. same here. aku pun xsuka roaches. ada peristiwa masa kecik2 dulu.

  12. Ish, must be coz of y'all all pengotor lah that's why got cockroach. :P

  13. lol... friggin coool!!! XD I'd like to see that!

  14. Wah the cockroach can use Shunshin no Jutsu. The mosquitoes around my house can use that to. Clap like hell but never kena.

  15. me, im juz terrify as hell when it comes to cockroach..if i try to smack it with a broom or something, i will end up jumping here n there even the thing juz lying died oredi..

    i even get to be 'spiderman' when that thing juz show up in the toilet while i was doing the 'big' thing..hmm juz use your imagination how the scene looks like..soo not pleasant, i tell ya!

  16. Hey, nice blog... Can i know how much do u charge to have the cartoon drawn?

  17. Ridsect is ur friend.....use it like a gun....hahahaha.....

    roaches can be a pain in the ass in catching or smashing them.....that's why i use ridsect and shoot it like there's no tomorrow....of course open windows after that or suffocate from the Ridsect stink.....

  18. ahahahahaha I used to play with cockroaches when I was younger!!!! Didn't know they were supposed to be scary but my bro was damn near terrified xDD Hate it when they fly though.....hahahah watched too many jeeper creepers in those days.

    So did you kill it?

  19. @murnie: yes! it was behind him! i didnt even realise it got there so fast!!
    @VELARian: i dont really like to use bug sprays in the house la.. it really stinks the place up. esp not in the toilet!
    @una: haha terkejut tak? i know that word: terkilan! toilet cockroaches is a horrible thing!
    @eric: lol! it flew to his crotch area???!! you shud have taken that opp to smack it! at least you will have a good reason!
    @jeffro: you use that excuse too? HIGH FIVE!!!
    @kingsyahmi: soap water actually works?! it cant be that easy la i think but will try on my next encounter!
    @agnes: nobody likes them. but they are always around T.T
    @lala: you might just find out in the next part :P
    @aki: you sound like a creepy silent killer saying that. lol jk pls dont kill me
    @nana: but they are already smelly to begin with!!
    @sinner: but by the time water boil the cockroach will disappear! i prefer knowing its dead than leaving it be
    @sumbuddy: you got a flamethrower? can i borrow?
    @liz: i think everyone freaks out when they fly. lets hope the day dont come when all cockroaches do that simultaneously
    @vin tsen: nono!!! its not me!! its that shamus pengotor! but the toilet very clean le...
    @pouleen: a cockroach on your back? trust me its a weird sight to behold.
    @lee: thats why i said their speed is abnormally demonic!!
    @che sue: walao! cockroach appear while you doing big business??? thats horrible! you cant move and it comes closer to you!!! scream wei
    @its me: thanks! interested in a cartoon? just drop me an email and we can work something out! my email is in the 'contact me' tab
    @galisin88: but the stink still stays for abit and i hate the smell. dont like use ridsect
    @punk: are you freaking serious?? you play with roaches? you have balls the size of basketballs i can tell you that haha

  20. Wow!I hope I will never have a cockroach behind my back while trying to kill them! O.O

  21. my friends always use the same line! and I always need to be the "hitter" cz they will remain on the chair/bed until it's dead. And when I said "where is it?", they just scream. lol

  22. Dude, I'm not scared of cockroaches. Not even a tiny bit. But it's the other way when they start flying. When that happens, my female voice would come out... wakakaa.

    Damn this insect. They are such... such... cocks! Wait, what a coincidence.


    Happy Saturday, dude.

  23. lighter+aerosol=instant flamethrower ftw!

    disclaimer: any unintended explosion must not be held liable on the suggester heretofore.

  24. I suddenly remember i once smacked a cockroach dead on my friend's head.. Her hair stinks for a week.. LOLOL!

  25. @syun: i know right?! it will be such a horrible surprise!!
    @maylin: HAHAHA!! what a way to troll your friends. next time i get you to smack roaches can?
    @armstrong: lol yes. the flying ones are the biggest cocks!!!
    @sumbuddy: bro, i dont want to set my house on fire you know... =3=
    @lala: using ur bare hands???? EWWW!!! your hand must have stanked too!

  26. owh my...tis is the reason y i hate cockroach so much! grrr... geli!

  27. Lol.. Of cos not.. We were schooling then.. Of cos i used the textbook i dislike most.. Muahahahaha.. My friend refused to talk to me as long as her hair stinks..

  28. they never die! i always think i killed one, then i see it crawling somewhere else!

  29. @chirpy: cos they move too fast? i feel you!!
    @lala: i tot u were so hardcore using ur bare hands. u are less hardcore now. lol
    @exterminator charlotte: i know rite?!!! dam things keep getting up! you really had to smash them to ensure they die!

  30. geli! geli! geli! yekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  31. Lmao.. I also scared la.. Hardcore is joining fear factor n eating them..


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