Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why Hugs Are Nice

It's Thursday already? Boy do the week fly by fast!

Ever wondered why people like hugging? It gives us the sense of closeness to another person and it is one of the close and secure feelings we feel when hug another person. It makes us feel special and loved with all the warmth and security that anyone could ever hope- ULTRA GAYYYYYY!!!! (*insert gay seal meme here)

THIS is why we like hugs.

Disclaimer: Not everyone is like this. This is just an assumption. Still does not deny the fact that Daryl is still going to kill me after this.

Yay! A Daryl comic! Enjoy!

Tactic level: Legen'daryl'
Objective achieved to say the least.

Jealous. Really. I am. Infinitely.

I got no skill.

Daryl is definitely the living legend I know. Nope. He is still going to kill me.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. PERV ALERT! Haha!

    Psst... the 'below' no kena ah? From the last frame, it looks like it could! ;)

  2. Another mystery about guys unlocked!

  3. It's legend... wait for it... wait for it...
    *Daryl do the success baby meme*


  4. yes ladies out there becareful hahaha.. Ernest will try it too LOL! jokin!

  5. haha. usually, the (very friendly) people (guys) I met, just straight away hug me without asking. Knowing me, I know you can guess how awkward that situation is for me. (I don't blame them, really. I know I always look so very hugg-able. eheheheh and it is also somewhat flattering - but very difficult to get used to - no matter how many times.)

    At least Daryl still has the courtesy of actually "asking" for it. lol~

  6. LoL.. They normally hug without asking ler. When you asked, it became awkward :D

  7. Sifu Daryl....teach me!!

  8. I will never let him hug me :p

  9. awww......for me...hugs is the thing that keeps us (me and my friends) my club, hugs is our way of saying "i love u, u love me as a close friend n buddy)".....that's one thing that makes our outside circle of friends wondering on how we know each other and become very close.....

    Daryl ambil kesempatan dalam pelukan mesra......aiyoyo.....but at least he has guts to say like that....

  10. It's gonna be legend-... wait for it... and I hope you're not ham sup intolerant because the second half of that word is DARYL!

    1. nice one. but im not hamsap la seriously. this is fake.

    2. Ernest, you're so dead this time!!

    3. LOL, quote from How I Met Your Mother

  11. lol . great blog u had..
    i like to read comic n u r talented..
    GOOD !! keep it up ..
    I am adding you to my blog list...
    Have a great weekend ahead... n try to look for more "long time no c friends"

  12. Boobs are comfort! =D

  13. you know, even I hug girl also, I will be a dam gentleman *smack myself*

  14. OMG, "legendaryl" indeed! xD hahahahahhaah

    As for me, I never give guys the chance! ;)

  15. wait... one of the shop's name is GAY!


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