Saturday, June 23, 2012

B.R.O.S.: Facebook Shenanigans #3 - Poetic Grammar

It's Saturday! I'm back! And it totally feels like I was not totally gone at all. 

No. I did not graduate from pirate school.

The worst thing about Saturdays is that I always wake up late because that's the only time I can catch up on sleep that I was deprived of for the past week due to a really busy schedule. And that causes late posting but hey a guy needs his beauty snooze. Sorry though but a promise is a promise so here is a simple entry for your B.R.O.S. entry today. Better late than never right?

Yes. Another Facebook shenanigan. Because I had to rush it.

But this is another true Facebook conversation the bros had last year.

Jamus: Grammar Nazi

Shamus loves and tries to be poetic with words. ALL THE F***ING TIME! Sadly, his command in english isn't there and it always end up with us in a confusion pit just trying to understand what the hell he saying.

Daryl has given up many years ago.

Does anyone have a clue? Help us interpret this convoluted quote of his.

I wanted to say piece of crap quote but I'm afraid that would drive him into the corner again.

Have a great Saturday!

P.S. I can't wait for July. I think it's going to be fun!

Yeah, like anybody cares.

Shut up.


  1. Don't be afraid to lose something precious, because nothing, including you, is permanent in this world. My feeling now is like a perfume, the fragrance would fade away... Okay, I give up.

  2. the words are too deep to even understand.

  3. the 'art' off shamus' poetic...heheheh

  4. my analysis is something like this..... (thank goodness i had a knack of translating broken english and literal-direct-translated words)
    1. don't lose anything precious coz u can't get it back again....
    2. nothing, including u, is permanent in this world....
    3. symbolism: a fading fragrance of perfume
    4. distance makes a heart fonder....what we had together will never be forgotten......

    well, that is how i understand the statement made by shamus.......

  5. AHahahahahaha. Yeah. We can never identify the wise man's sayings

  6. I have been doing Literature for four years now.

    And I know that some things, are just meant to intrigue. You don't have to KNOW. Just be intrigued.

    Ahaha, crap. I don't really get what Shamus is saying, either. But kudos for trying! Especially his attempt at a metaphor (the perfume fragrance thing)! ;)

  7. senang faham ni bro, but the problem arise when people trying to understand it word by word.

  8. think he is referring to his poo

  9. catch no ball :p too deep for me...

  10. Took me a while to get it hahaha! And if you read it to spot for his grammar errors, you wouldn't understand it D:


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