Thursday, July 5, 2012

SPONSORED: MDEC Digicon6 Award 2012

This is a sponsored posting.

Ever since I was a little bro kid, I have always wanted to create my own little cartoon series. As you can see at this point I have somehow made a webcomic series that people would actually come and read, humoring me so I don’t feel like a total spaz drawing comics to an invisible non existent crowd. Thanks everyone for not making me feel like that. I have not visited the corner in the longest time. 

Shamus frequents that spot now.

So, I guess that makes me another step closer in creating my own cartoon series. Static images in a comic strip form is accomplished. But how do I push myself further to realize the bigger objective? The obvious next step is making them move. Via animation!

I had never seriously thought about it but Jon actually encourages this idea.

Yeah. Share. Sure....
Jon can be really sneaky sometimes. But he has a really good motivation point there.

So what better way to push myself further in creating my cartoons than participating in an international award competition for my (somewhat nonexistent) animation skills?!

Yes! It is the Digicon6 Award is here once again! An international award for Digital Content of Animation and Movies brought to you by TBS, all the way from Japan!

Established in 2000, this annual competition has grown to be the most recognized award in Japan, which seeks and recognizes talented creators through-out Asia (Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia) and rewards them for their outstanding works.

TBS DigiCon6 is opened to Japan and other Asian countries with the support by each territorial partner!

Every aspiring animator can participate and here are the stages you will face to advance internationally!

So, you have to show what you got locally first and even at that level you stand a chance to win some sweet prizes!

So obviously it is going to be a long shot for me to be able to get into the finals in Tokyo much less qualify and represent Malaysia in the regional finals as my animation skills in nothing compared to many other experienced animators out there. But it is a shot nonetheless!

I know it is next to impossible to win at the grand finals but who knows I might win a free trip to Tokyo. That would really be kind of the organisers.

For more contest details, head on HERE.
Application form is HERE
Rules and regulation is HERE.

Contest ends on 3rd August 2012 and results will be announced on September 2012! What are you waiting for? Get in on the action!

Digicon6 ATTACK!

So, the moment you have been waiting for, my very first attempt at animating a bro cartoon! Hope this would be worth your while!

This animation is a tribute parody to a song that will forever remind me of  Daryl whenever it is played.

It has taken me about five days to come up with this short animation and I know more could be done for it but I only had so much time to make it in time for this posting.

Maybe I shall do more videos like this and have a cartoon series on Youtube going on. What do you think?

Have a great week ahead!



  2. OMAIGOD! LOL!! Btw, it's GREAT! now u have to spend more time to draw! :P

  3. OMG!!! Got so big mou?
    Inside put pao is it? XD
    Make sure you share with me if win har LOL!

  4. HAHAHAHAHA..dude i just started liking your page and discovered your existence like 2 days back but I am very impressed..all de best and I think you should do the youtube idea..all de best bro!!

  5. omg this is so cool! lucky he strip his pants at the end XD

  6. Omg, are u still alive?
    Hahaha but it's fun to see animated bros, with voice!

  7. Hahahaa, wow, you're drawings are amazing man. And funny too.

  8. You should sing the song laaaaaaaa~~~

  9. Ahahaha coool!!! all the best bro.
    And yeah I agree with the most people up here. Should really sing it. You can digitize the voice or whatever, but should really sing it. A bit difficult to read, sing and watch the "action" at the same time XD

  10. Wat da fuq did I just see?????? hahaha

  11. lololololollllll!!!! i can't stop laughing the the "bird swing" part =_="

  12. LOL!! the video is so darn funny!!! =P

  13. support you! :D
    do what you want to do, go for it!
    all the best to you yo!

  14. I was seriously singing along with the lyrics!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!

    You got our votes, Ernest!!!

  15. went blind after watching this.the doctor said my vision will come back in 2 days. it was worth it though.

  16. that's why we need friends to motivate us:)

    he gives you idea, you realize the idea. both are great!

  17. that is so wrong on so many levels lols

  18. HAHAHA love it! You are joining this right? :D Practice makes perfect!

  19. like many GOD!!! my EYES!!!!!!

  20. OMG, damn obsceneeeeeeeeeeeee! xD wakakkakaka
    But, weiiiii, seriously not too bad lar! I'd watch it on Youtube! Subscribeeeeee ;)

  21. Daryl - always the hamsap/obsence fella. I wonder if you have increased or just crashed his market value with the


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