Sunday, September 9, 2012

'Bro Dont Like That La Bro' is Finally Two!

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lateness as I partied really hard last night and only woke up moments ago.

Still, exactly today (9 September) is the day that this comic finally turns two years old! I know if you look back in the archives you will notice that the first posting is in November but many do not know that this comic was initially launched solely over Facebook only until friends were telling me to finally put it on blogger where everyone can see. Two years go by really fast and I won't say that it is a long period but I would like to thank everyone who has supported my comics, given me the great motivation to come this far.

Seriously if no one reads this comics from the beginning, I don't think I would ever last this long.

To commemorate this awesome day, a large handful of other various comic bloggers from all around Malaysia got together and drew THEIR OWN version of the bros! Ever wondered how the bros would look like in their style?

Full list of all the awesome talents are below. Do check them out!

Ahmad Fani -
Jian Goh -
Prinz Aujinz -
Tan Wai Kit & Dan Khoo -
Chee Ching -
Cherane -
Eric Lee -
Estee Gee -
Kendrick Ng -
Pouleen Low -
Raja Syahmi -
Nik Dini Junaidi -
Muhd Ashraq Salahuddin -
Tun Jie Foo -
Egg Yolks -
Thank you for all your amazing artworks! I love each and every one of them and most of their intepretations of the bros made me laugh.

Someone asked me before, if I were to ever go back in time and choose to draw the bros differently, how would I draw them? Here is your answer.

I would be so much lazier.
Thanks to my bros who have been an undying source of hilarity in my life and I am really glad to have every one of you. Good times and bad, I know we are bros for life.

Thanks everyone for supporting my comics all these two "long" years! Many awesome memories came along since the birth of this comic and I am sure many more will come along! But all of that would be nothing if it weren't for you guys, the readers! Yes you, the one reading this right now! Really appreciate the great love and support that you have given this silly little series and I will do my best to keep the years and the comics coming! More comic madness for you for as long as my hands don't fail me!

Keep calm and keep "Bro, don't like that la, bro"!

I love you all!

P.S. Will be taking a break on Monday (10 September 2012) to let all the emotions sink in. Haha. No. It's because my dinosaur broke out again and has gone missing. In the meantime, check out the other comic bloggers above! 


  1. Happy 2nd anniversary! Yeahhh! XD

  2. Replies
    1. Still the best number, it's Bro's 2nd anniversary XD

  3. Omg why all the artworks so awesome!!! Happy anniversary Ernest! :)

  4. Omg why all the artworks so awesome!!! Happy anniversary Ernest! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Happy Birthday! :D From Munya munya! XD

  6. Happy Bird-day.. Err.. I mean birthday!! XD

    Pouleen's image are so.. unique.. lol

  7. All so awesome!! Mine look so amateurish compared to all.. Pauline's one made me crack.. HAHAHAHAHA and Jie Foo's one... WTF!! Y U SO TALENT!

  8. fulamak!! this is awesome!!! happy 2nd anniversary bros!!

  9. bro, dont like tat la bro...happy 2nd anniversary lo! ;)

  10. the drawings so nice!! happy 2nd anniversary yo! :D

  11. Wow! I only know bout you guys from the collaboration calendar and turns out the BROS are 2-year olds???!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!

    PS. More comic bloggers to follow! XD

  12. Amazing collection! Keep it up, and all the best! :D

  13. happy anniversary... don't like that la bro...

  14. cool!!!!...super cool bros!!
    happy anniversary!!

  15. Happy 2nd Anniversary.. Bro, Don't Like That la Bro XD

  16. Happy 2nd Anniversary~~~
    to Bro, don't like that la, bro~

    it never fail to make me smile~ ^^

  17. Happy happy birthday! :D
    Bros, you're what I look forward to every Monday and Thursday (and sometimes Saturday)!!! ;)

  18. Omg Pauline.... *jawdrops* happy 2nd year anniversary!


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