Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How To Make Your Move On A Girl

You know that title is going to be yet another misleading one, right?

Hey good morning Tuesday everyone! I know I am a day late as yesterday my dinosaur broke out of its cage and began terrorizing the neighbors by eating all their flowers in their gardens. I tried to calm him down but my dinosaur was already high on flowers so animal control had to come and put a tranquilizer dart in its neck and now Mr. Dino has been sleeping ever since.

I never said I was good at lying. My dinosaur is allergic to flowers. He would never touch them.

Still, better late than never! Here is a comic as promised to replace the missing one on Monday.

In today's story, Jon shows you his talent on picking up chicks at the bar.

Jamus was pretty sure she was Jon's type.
Talk about sour grapes.

Still, Jon did the right thing. Always abort the mission when the girl actually has a handsome and built boyfriend with her.

Jon's usual words to describe a well built person.
"One punch and I'll straight fly to Hong Kong!"

I know that fear bro.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. terminator? Jon is quite tall himself, right? lol~

  2. ask her boyfriend to punch me please! i wanna go to Hong Kong! please ^^

  3. terminator=Arnold Schwarzenegger? nice !

  4. really? i tried once but it doesn't work. the girls called me a freak.sigh.

  5. You big liar! Dinosaurs are never allergic to flowers, everyone knows that it's the tree barks they're allergic to!

  6. The Terminator is not as awesome if he doesn't have his Brominators. ;)

  7. Ahaha, SOOOOO not Jon's type! Purple hair ba! xD


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