Thursday, November 24, 2011


Okay. So today's comic strip is supposed to be a different one but last night the bro's household was intruded and I was held at knife point thus today's comic took a detour and I was forced to tell something else entirely.

I will need everyones cooperation in this matter. This serious matter is seriously serious.

Please do it. For my sake. I still do want my balls intact.
Yes. As some of you might not have known, the finalists for the Nuffnang Blog Awards 2011 has been announced quite some time ago and unfortunately, I failed to make it to the finals. I guess the judges don't tolerate noobies like me. But two of my friends made it and they are:

Still holding me at knife-point.

Chee Ching from who made it to the finals for the "Most Original Blog Design" category and

Still harassing me from the side.
...Kenwooi from  who made it to the finals for the "Hidden Gem" category!

Chee Ching in a way represents Malaysian Comic Bloggers because she is the only Malaysian Comic Blogger who made it to the finals. So if she wins, at least I will feel Malaysian comic blogging scene got some hope and future. As for Kenwooi, well, his blog is just awesome because he talks a lot about boobies. The bros love boobies. So, both of them deserve every vote they can get.

This will be the last run that I help promote them on this site (as I have in my previous two postings) as the closing date for voting is on 27th November 2011. That is only slightly 3 days away from now. So I thought of giving them one last push by doing a special comic to help them to rally more votes before the voting phase ends.

Help me. Cheeching is going to castrate me if she doesn't win. And Kenwooi is going to help. Please vote for them. Save my balls. Vote now!

Have a great weekend.


  1. love both their blogs! voted for them many times already :) hope chingy doesnt still have u at knifepoint!

  2. haha! voted too! saw jian and chingy's collab too..who else are collab-ing?

  3. wah, that cheeching really invade a lot of other people's comic robbing votes. I wonder who's scarier, Jasmine or Cheeching.

  4. already voted chee ching...say hi to her for me...and kenwooi i already voted for him 4-3 time..hehehe...i hope they can win it...i kinda bump when kenwooi is not in the Influential blog and a copy paste blog from cari is in it...hehehe

  5. holy crap iz that a Rena Ryugu reference? especially the cleavers...girls wif cleavers r scary...

  6. ha ha ha.. always for kenwooi.. but always forget chee ching wan.. ok2.. I'll go saves your ball then man.. :-p.. ^_^.v..

  7. Aik bro, why are you not joining the thing?

  8. Have voted many times for them too will continue voting for them^^
    So,I have also contributed in saving you XD


  10. @adamtam: thanks bro! well I hope my balls will be safe by the end of the awards lol
    @pohvin: thank you. you have contributed in the saving of my balls
    @eggyolks: haha i also dunno le... this one also last minute planned one. only decided on tuesday.
    @sumbuddy: so far, akiraceo and i kena attacked liao haha.. jasmine is still scarier cos she can dropkick you to hell.
    @ahmad endo: lol yeah but i guess the judges have made their decisions so even we have no power to change that.
    @anonymous: i dont know what Rena Ryugu is but i agree with you that girls with cleavers are scary!!!
    @aki: thank you for saving my balls!
    @hafiz: i didnt qualify for the finals bro.. haha.. this comic not good enough for the judges i think
    @syun: thanks!! my balls are another step closer to being saved!
    @parkair: thank you! you have contributed in the saving of my balls.
    @cheeching: oh dear. put them knives down plsss T3T
    @glow: yes!! VOTE! save my nuts!
    @nana: both of them are ausome! haha

  11. I have voted for both too! Prior to knowing your balls were at stake! xD hahahahhahaha

    All the best with them! :P

  12. LOL at random Kenwooi's vote vote!! the only two blogs i think worthy!! no offense to other blogs... XD

  13. Hmmmm.. On the other hand, it would be interesting to see a comic post on how your balls are being cut off.. ROFL! Okay lar.. Vote lar..

  14. hopefully next year will get a spot at the awards too. will definitely vote! =D


    this is rena ryugu ><

  16. already voted for both of them...sad your's aren't nominated..I hope will be on that awards list in future, okay..!!

    p/s: go keep your balls at somewhere safe, like..uhhh...underground

  17. will vote for them!!
    but what i really want is to vote for you in future!!:)

  18. @liz: wah you must have very good foresight! thanks for always looking out for my balls XD
    @eric: lol didnt expect that did you? i think kenwooi also didnt expect i gonna give him a cameo! haha VOTE!!
    @lala: if that ever happens, i would be too traumatized to be drawing comics ever again haha
    @ivyT: aww.. thanks so much for that thought! i do hope so too!
    @anonymous: oh god. she is so disturbing! haha! thanks for the share! now i know who is rena ryugu. she is one crazy bitch.
    @azizi: wow thanks bro! i do hope i get nominated in the future! my balls are always kept in the safest place possible: i carry them with me wherever i go! XD
    @邁爾斯 阿波羅: wah! thanks! your comment really made my day :) hope i do get nominated next time!
    @ken: haha didnt see that coming rite, bro?

  19. For the sake of your balls.. *clicks on the vote link thingy.. XD

  20. No. won't vote for her. She team up Nuffang, Wafu & Pafu to "Kill" Akirceo. In the end, she get the invite plus the award.
    Maybe, U could be next... on her "Killing" List.
    Be very afraid..

  21. I will vote for your blog plus Akiraceo next nuffang wards 2012.

    CheeChing "EVIL", "kills" her fellow bloggers to get the votes. "EVIL"


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